Named after the largest Rock concert of the 70s, Watkins Glen is an Oregon-based Rock n' Roll band that strives to create truly magical musical moments via the adventure of wanderlust-driven improvisation, while delivering a living, breathing tribute to the enduring legacies of four legendary American Rock n' Roll bands: The Allman Brothers Band, The Grateful Dead, The Band & Little Feat, while also playing original music of their own. Band leaders “Brother Gabe” Johnson & Evan Mullins have gathered some of the very finest players from the Northwest music scene with the intention of creating one of the most authentic, inventive and energetically compelling improvisational Rock bands in the West. Over just a few short years, Watkins Glen has developed a very strong reputation for delivering truly inspirational performances, writing thoughtful and experiential set lists and whipping audiences into a frenzy with their scorching improvisational "magic carpet ride" live jams. Highlights of their history so far have included high profile appearances at 4 Peaks Music Festival, Sisters Folk Festival, Juan de Fuca Festival, US Fest, Bend Summerfest, Bend Fall Fest, Common Concert Series, Bend Roots Revival, and multiple performances w/ top notch national acts Melvin Seals & JGB, Pink Talking Fish, MarchFourth, Scott Pemberton and more.

Watkins Glen core personnel: 
"Brother Gabe” Johnson (MFG, Elektrapod) - Guitars, Keys, Vox 
Evan Mullins (Elektrapod, The Silvertone Devils) - Keys, Vox
Kyle Pickard (Cutmen, Shady GroOove) - Drums, Vox
Mark Karwan (American Babies, Jenner Fox) - Bass, Vox

Other musicians who have performed as members of Watkins Glen:
Taylor Neal (Cutmen, Tang) - Drums
Patrick Ondrozeck (Company Grand, Shady GroOove) - Drums
Kaleb Kelleher (Jive Coulis, The Mostest, Brent Alan & HFF) - Drums
Jarrod Donatelli (Fractal, Elektrapod) - Percussion, Vox
Eric Leadbetter (Jive Coulis, Eric Leadbetter Band) – Guitars, Vox
Kyle Swantek (Fractal, StealHead) - Bass